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HTML Scripts

A script is basically a small embedded program used in HTML that can make your website come alive by making it interactive. Two of the most popular HTML scripts include javascript & vbscript.

HTML scripts allow you to make your website more dynamic & interactive. Scripts in HTML are defined using the <script> tag & the type attribute is used to specify the type of scripting language as defined below:

Code Results

<script type="text/vbscript">
document.write("Hi It’s Me!")

Triggering Scripts

At times you may wish a script to run only after a specific action has been performed like after complete page load or rolling mouse pointer over a link. All such actions are known as "intrinsic events" that trigger a script to run only after a specific event has been performed.

Handling Scripts in Old Browser

Many old browsers fail to recognize the <script> tag & display the content of the tag as text on page. In order to prevent this, one may either hide the script within the comment tag or use the <noscript> tag to provide alternate information for such users.

Code Results

<script type="text/vbscript">


document.write(" Scripts Tutorial !")



<noscript> Your browser does not support VbScript! </noscript>

HTML Tip 1

Use only hexadecimal #RGB values for colors. The behavior of named colors is browser-idiosyncratic and totally unpredictable.

HTML Tip 2

You can resize your images without a graphics program by changing the HEIGHT and WIDTH in your image tag.