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HTML Paragraphs

The paragraph tag is one of the very basic & important tags of HTML useful especially for the beginners. The HTML tags are usually divided into paragraphs.


<p>This is my first paragraph</p>

<p>This is my second paragraph</p>

Using the <p> tag causes the browser to automatically create a blank line below & above the text of the paragraph. The generation of these blank lines automatically by the browser is the explanation to how a paragraph is "marked" by the <p> tag & automatically interpreted by the browser as to how the paragraph text be displayed.
Just as formatting is possible in a word processing program, paragraphs can also be formatted in HTML. The attribute used in HTML to format paragraphs is the align attribute. This attribute can be used to align the paragraph, left, right, center or to simply justify.


    <p align="justify">This is how a paragraph can be aligned in...</p>

HTML Tip 1

Use only hexadecimal #RGB values for colors. The behavior of named colors is browser-idiosyncratic and totally unpredictable.

HTML Tip 2

You can resize your images without a graphics program by changing the HEIGHT and WIDTH in your image tag.