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HTML Tutorial

Getting started with HTML is not a tough job especially if you have the right resources to help you out. HTML is basically a text document that is used by the web browsers in order to present texts & graphics.

While most HTML tutorials require you to have an HTML editor, a web site or a web server to learn HTML, this site saves you from using any of these. All you require to have is a plain text editor like a Notepad to test your HTML skills.  The more technical or professional web developers may however prefer to use HTML editors like, Dreamweaver or FrontPage.
Once you get in line with the basics of HTML, you may want to explore HTML features like adding styles, images, tables, lists, colors or the advanced HTML features like creating frames, layouts, image maps, etc.



<h1>Displayed as Heading</h1>

<p>Displayed as Paragraph</p>



The text included between <html> & </html> describes the web page

The text included between <body> & </body> describes the visible page content

The text included between <h1> & </h1> describes the heading

The text included between <p> & </p> describes the paragraph

HTML Tip 1

Use only hexadecimal #RGB values for colors. The behavior of named colors is browser-idiosyncratic and totally unpredictable.

HTML Tip 2

You can resize your images without a graphics program by changing the HEIGHT and WIDTH in your image tag.